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About The Playce

Are you happy with your work?
Do you want to do bigger things?
Work with a startup? Or start your own business?

Do you want to meet humans, offline, regularly, form meaningful connections with them?

Welcome to The Playce to BE YOU!

Mulund Hills at sunrise - Gargi, founder

We are Mulund's Mumbai's first co-working space.
(We started when co-working was not even a word in the local ecosystem).

Located in Mulund, one of Mumbai's quaint and wholesome suburb, with big parks and local eateries and lovely views of the hills of a National Park, we are a hybrid between fancy downtown workspaces and old school corporate offices.

Our address is the most un-missable - it's a bustling junction of arterial roads, with a Police Chowky right outside our buiding. This makes it really easy to access, and also kinda safe ;-)

Our green entranceImagine two large floors with work-desks, cabins, quirky art on the wall and greenery around. Now picture about a 100 people in that space. That's what we look like on a regular day.

Creative co-workers of a digital media agency

We host   entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, that crazy designer, an e-commerce team, digital nomads, many many CAs, stock market enthusiasts, a violin teacher, make-up brands, clever coders, return-to-work moms and everything in between.

Student studying for the quintessential MBA

Youth & students form a big part of our community. We host college events, youth groups, movie clubs and open mics run by the young turks. You'll often spot a sincere student in focus mode, and feel nostalgic (or relieved).

Nitya & Anand in the Salsa grYou'll find Open Mic happening on weekends,
Salsa dancing for those who like to groove Latin every Saturday,
Chess classes,
Singing, Violin, Guitar workshops,
Corporate Trainings,
Baking Sessions & Book Clubs,
Aerial Dancing & Handpan Gigs...
these are the flavors of our space. 

Activity Space for co-workersMental well-being is a part of our values.
Co-workers attend the Yoga classes that happen every other day.

The Playce Crew

The Playce is run by a team of 8 people, each one bringing a unique style to our experience.

Led by Tanushree, a powerhouse of a woman, the team comprises of 4 women who run the show. Riya is the cheerful friendly face who handles Events and Marketing. Kajal, a sincere and methodical member, manages the inquiries and customer queries. Sagar and Amit, the backbone of our infrastructure and service arm. Vijay and Sarvesh are the full-power housekeeping team who make sure the space is spick-n-span (especially the washrooms). Me is Gargi, the one who started this dream, does fun odd jobs (like writing the 'about us') and is looking at expanding the scope of The Playce.

women crew & cheerleaders of The Playce

THIS is what you get when you co-work at The Playce.

If, however, you prefer solitude and don't want to hear about the buzzing dance class, you just have to say so.

We have something for everyone - flexibility is our strengths (& a value).

Whether you are a single person looking for a workdesk, or a team looking to re-locate, or you just want to do meetings in a professional setup or

maybe host interviews, or perhaps looking for a professional backdrop for your next insta video... you can come to us and we will find a solution.

Cabin customized by a finance team

While we offer flexible workspaces like desks, cabins, meeting rooms, activity spaces along with all the office services like high speed wi-fi, printer/scanner, storage solutions, coffee etc... what, we believe, you will find is an active and eclectic community - some of whom have become lifelong friends or business partners.

Most of our co-workers stay with us for years (the record being 9 years - we love you too Kinjal).

This, we believe, is because we don't offer some desks and wifi, what we offer is a VIBE.

Drop by to feel it :-)

Art in our StudioReception Waiting AreaPrinter's platform

DIY yin yang / ha-tha
(from Yoga theory)

Co-founders of The Playce, in 2012 launch

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