This is titled “About Us” because of all the SEO shenanigans we do even when don’t really know why. We discuss SEO like teenagers discussing true love at their hormonal peak. Lot of energy & conviction, too little experience.

The real title should be “The Playce’s Angels”… to capture the valiant story of the intrepid angels who did not fear to tread into the turbulent waters of the co-working industry.

So yeah… we are a team of four diverse personalities who keep our co-working space in shape without forcing a diet on it.

Malaika, our Chief in Command, is a dispeller of bad ideas. Add to that, she has a Chandler-esque compulsion for jokes, her rhetoric and sarcasm unparalleled. That makes it harder for us to refrain from laughing at our jaw-dropping errors. We are never sure if we are being berated or entertained by her. She runs the show here —nothing escapes her keen eyes that can see through the walls.

Gargi has the congeniality of the neighborhood cat, with claws just as long. She is the co-founder who dreams of being dispensable so that she can go back to munching on melodies. Currently she does odd jobs… like making Excel sheets read-able, designing their new space and writing About-us pages with the right blend of levity and brevity.

Asmita, our newest member, combines old-school diligence with new-school charisma, while she takes notes in middle-school notebooks… and boy! they are totally zerox-worthy. She doubles up as our in-house laughter machine, for once she starts laughing, it has an uncontrollable domino effect, with the whole room ROFL-ing. While she is not taking notes, she makes sure that the members, visitors, trainers, event attendees and everyone is smiling, and all the inquiries are responded to.

Nilesh is always the man of the hour. We often take hours to find him, but he’s always there in the hour of need. The youngest person but the most experienced Playcer, he’s been a founding member, witness to all the changes we’ve ever had (and those we didn’t). He is a trustworthy soldier of our army, and we love the child in him. He manages the infrastructure — he makes sure that all the setup stays the way it’s designed to. He’s also a wizard at dancing and chess-ing.

Together with our delightful co-workers, we run a co-working space in Mulund, a (not-so) laid-back suburb of the sin-city that is Mumbai.

Every single day of our lives is a filled with unique trials and tribulations (not to mention the cascading laughs in the CEO’s cabin). You can never be really prepared for your day here.
We’ve found out that running a co-working space requires infinite patience, an unquestioned faith in serendipity and the ability to invert awkwardly shaped Bisleri jars onto unstable water dispensers without spilling any.

This Publication is intended to be an authentic collection of our stories. Of water jars and melodies. Of delightful (and some not-so delightful) co-workers. Of architects who forget there was a beam resting on the wall that they recommended breaking. Of carpenters who show up on time only on days when electricity conks off. Of days when the electricity conks off. Of whiteboard that fall down eerily, without anyone touching them. Of chairs that run riot when nobody is watching, and shift to the most undesirable locations. Of pens that mysteriously disappear, and resurface on the wrong surfaces.

Of all such narratives that form the zeitgeist of our co-corking universe.
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