Hello you lovely person sitting behind a screen (when you could be having bhutta/chai-sutta/garam samosa, outside)! 😉

Look out and smile at the glory of this weather. And if you do step out, you will encounter the magic of petrichor (a beautiful word that means — the smell of rain on dry earth).

This mail is to share with you the joy of starting a new (ad)venture.

This monsoon we have launched our new business — CO-LEARNING — at The Playce School.

(In all likelihood you’ve already been there, but if you haven’t, please drop by to check out the vibe!)

We started The Playce in 2013, as a social experiment to provide a unique space for CO-WORKING.
We start The Playce School in 2019, again, as a social experiment. This time we want to explore CO-LEARNING.

CO-LEARNING = Collaborative Learning, in an informal setup.

Remember those moments of ‘aha’ when you understood a concept, or something just clicked in your head?

We love those! The Playce School is designed as an informal space for such epiphanies.

The Playce School is not an academy, it’s not a coaching class, it’s not just another event space.

It’s a space for open-ended, mind-bending, experimental, bold, whimsical, wild experiments that cannot be done within the confines of a classroom.
We welcome you to come partake in this experiment!

We have all kinds of things happening — Yoga, Comedy Nights, Music Jamming, Art and Creativity workshops, Book-lovers Clubs etc. (Keep your eyes open at The Playce for notices and posters on upcoming activities).

The Playce School is also a full-time Library — Reading Room — Informal Study Room.

(This picture is for demonstration purpose only… any resemblance to anyone who is seriously reading or studying is purely co-incidental 😉 )

How can YOU participate?

  1. Give us your blessings/all-the-best/thumbs-up — not just on social media, but in person. Every encouragement goes a long way.
  2. Join our Library — reconnect with the joy of reading.
  3. Attend our activities — we will try for them to be relevant, productive and fun. But if not, isn’t it better to spend time in a real interaction than walk in malls or scroll through endless streams of social media feeds?
  4. Host your own workshop — remember this is an experimental space. If you have honed a passion, or secretly worked on your own idea, this is a space to let it out in the world. If you’re a history buff — why not have a small talk on Genghis Khan? If you are into DIY or Electronics — have a quick session explaining everyday electronics. If you watch a lot of Netflix, let’s have a Netflix quiz. This space is your playground. Make the most of it!
  5. Spread the word — if you know anyone who is looking for a space for their workshop/gigs, please connect us (Kenneth) to them. You will get a lot of Karma Points from The Playce Team 🙂


The Playce School is, hopefully, just the beginning of our Co-learning story.
We have big dreams for the next decade… if the world survives the several doomsday prophecies !

A big shout out to our incredible team that made this happen. Had it not been for them, someone would be chilling in Goa and simply dreaming of various social experiments (Cognitive Dissonance Cafe, anyone?).
Here’s our hard-working, whimsical, diverse team.. each one crazier than the other, in their own way.

Much gratitude to them!

Come be part of our story… and enjoy the monsoons before the flooding takes your slippers away 🙂
Chill Vibes,

Gargi Shah
Founder at The Playce

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