To the men who said to the women, who rejected their Women’s Day wishes, “Wish karein toh problem, wish na karein toh problem, karein toh kya karein!” Hehe!

My heart reaches out to this BoyzIIMen gang. I really empathize with them, for today, more than ever, they are confused and scared about what is the ‘right’ thing to say or do, with regards to the opposite sex.

My advice is just Be Aware (else Beware). Some stereotypes are so ingrained in our thoughts, words and actions, that they need to be questioned. Most of them need an overhaul.

I don’t know what ALL women want , but what most women want, I believe is just to let us BE!

Not all of us are dreaming of breaking glass ceilings: we want to break regular water glasses and feel like it’s okay for us to be clumsy; some of us just want to just lay in bed, watch NETFLIX and not feel responsible for the world at large; we want to not have to worry about preparing a meal or doing laundry rather pick a bag and hit the gym on a holiday without feeling irresponsible; we don’t want to be recognized as the ultimate multi-taskers but feel like it’s okay to have dropped a few balls; we want to sit comfortably, talk aloud, dress un-girly like without being discussed; we want to feel safe enough to not inform our families when we are on our way home.

We have found new freedom and are trying to soar. We just want to figure out and BE WHO WE TRULY ARE, without delving on the roles assigned to us!

You, my dear men, be the wind beneath our wings. Take the flight with us and I promise, we will be the best people to fly alongside. Who knows.. in case of an emergency, we may even help you put on your oxygen masks before ours. 🙂

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