Shared offices available for Startups, Freelancers, and Small Businesses

The Playce is a co-working space

Co-working spaces are fully functional offices, shared by professionals. Such spaces typically provide desks, cabins, meeting rooms, internet, cafe services and other basic resources. They are a favorite with startups and freelancers who are looking for a convenient, plug-n-play solution. There is zero setup time and cost to be invested. Co-working spaces are more affordable than offices, more productive than coffee shops and more social than home-offices. Most people love the vibe and the community of other like-minded people they find at a co-working space.


A platform to make ideas happen
Starts @ ₹ 500/Hour

Plan Details

Host your event at The Playce for a hassle-free experience. You focus on the event while we help you with everything else.

Event Hub₹ 1,100/Hour(Seats upto 50)

Hangout₹ 600/Hour(Seats upto 15)

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“The Playce is a fantastic space to host workshops… Malaika and Candice do a lot to make things easier to setup and then go the extra mile to make participants feel comfortable. Yesterday I did my second workshop here and I hope to do more.”
– Viren Vaz, at The Playce

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