Flexi Desk

No strings attached,
for the commitment-phobics

Starts @ ₹ 2,750/Month

Plan Details

Made for those lucky folks who sit at a desk only a few days a month. Waltz in whenever you please, plug in to any free desk and you’re good to go. A long list of fringe benefits goes with the package.

Flexi 5₹ 2,750(any 5 days in a month)

Flexi 12₹ 4,400(any 12 days in a month)

Day Pass₹ 650

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“Love The Playce. It’s a perfect place for startups & innovators. There is a beautiful vibe about The Playce and promotes collaborations with other people working at The Playce.”

– Linta Mathew, Flexi Desk Co-Worker at The Playce

All the Amenities



Unlimited WiFi

Cafe Services

Meeting Room Access


Car Parking

(first-come-first-serve basis)

Discounted Tickets to Events

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